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Analysis of Five Reasons for High Price of Air Water Heater

In recent years, with the global energy crisis, the environmental crisis further intensified, the global countries are united to jointly implement the "energy-saving emission reduction" obligations, "low-carbon" trend suddenly emerged, has become a hot topic around the world. Water heater as a high frequency of home appliances, one of the kitchen, its quality is directly related to the convenience of life and comfort, and its energy consumption, power consumption is also large, so with the green consumer concept of continuous awakening, consumers in the Buy water heater will gradually tend to choose green, healthy products.
Many people talk about the air to water heaters will miss its price, the minimum 4000, more than tens of thousands, than electricity, gas, solar water heater much higher, but the air to water heater prices why so high? Xiaobian to analyze the following air prices can be high prices.
1. R & D cost: air to water heater before the country has not yet, a manufacturer to develop a product need to spend a lot of time, energy, financial resources, need to customize a variety of templates, all kinds of financial, open mold, foam, assembly, transportation, energy efficiency standards Test test hundreds of times, so the cost of research and development is very high, even after the flat after the price is high.
2. Accessories imports: compressors, expansion valves, insulation materials are the need to import, the domestic production of compressors and other quality is not good imports, easy to bad, frequent maintenance. Good compressor can work in the following zero, the domestic work in the north easy to freeze; insulation materials generally high cost, is related to the key to 24 hours constant temperature, the import of better insulation, the domestic water temperature is easy to cold, life is not So long
3. Value of the product: the water can bring the value of water heaters is very large, to protect the family safety, the central constant temperature hot water, solve the kitchen hot problems, power, environmental protection, high technology, bring enjoyment, etc., so high value products, The price will be high, the air can be an important factor in high prices.
4. Manufacturers positioning: Some manufacturers take the high-end brands, and some in the low-end brands, positioning different, the price is not the same, the use of materials, research and development costs, services, etc. are not the same, so to choose their own brand.
5. After-sales maintenance: air to water heater general warranty is 6 years, if the product has problems, the cost of maintenance will be great, but also from the manufacturers to wholesalers, wholesalers are between dealers, after the price upgrade 4000 or even thousands Are all possible.
Compared with the traditional gas and electric water heater, the air water heater can heat the medium to change the heat, do not need to heat the original contact with the water, to achieve a complete separation of water and electricity, no leakage, poisoning, explosion and other hazards, safety better; At the same time, change the solar energy products rely on direct sunlight or radiation to obtain heat, regardless of rain, day and night, or spring and summer autumn and winter, the air will be able to supply 24 hours of high quality hot water; and air to water heater with electricity Can be obtained from the air 4 degrees of electricity generated by the heat, the power consumption of only about a quarter of the water heater, gas water heater one-third of the solar water heater one-half, which will be the general choice of air Water heater can be the most tempting reason.
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