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A new generation of air to heat the pump to warm? Can you force solar energy?

A new generation of air to heat the pump to warm? Can you force solar energy?
This is a little less than the new energy of solar energy! No nuclear energy is so dangerous, not as windy as elusive, not as water can be so awesome, it exists in the air around us, the air temperature determines the size of its energy, we call it air!
It is following the solar energy, another is widely used in people's daily life, the environment without any pollution of renewable resources! At the same time, compared to solar energy, it is more stable, both winter and summer, regardless of day and night, it can provide 24 hours a day to stabilize the heat! Do you want to know how it is done? Do not worry, please listen to Xiaobian one by one.
The application of air energy, mainly through a pump to achieve the exchange of energy, it can be outdoor cold air in the weak heat extraction, collection, and then moved to the indoor use of plumbing heating while providing hot water! The whole system we call the air to heat pump system.
Heat from the low temperature to high temperature transfer, the reverse flow of this energy and ultimately the refrigerant, also known as the role of refrigerant, it is called R134a, with the refrigerator in the same role as freon, but the refrigerant on the ozone layer without harm, the greenhouse effect is also lower than Freon, is the world's recognized refrigerant. It is the carrier of heat exchange, atmospheric pressure boiling point -26.5 ℃, the pressure increases, the boiling point increases.
The operating principle of the whole system can be divided into four steps, small series of simple to give you a reason, as shown below.
First, the low pressure state and the temperature is higher than -26.5 degrees Celsius, R134a refrigerant can not exist in liquid, low temperature and low pressure gaseous refrigerant compressed by the compressor, the temperature rises until it becomes 120 ℃ high temperature and high pressure gas.
Second, the high temperature and high pressure gas into the condenser with the high pressure pipe, also known as water heat exchanger, with which the cold water for heat exchange, cold water temperature into hot water, the refrigerant is also under high pressure to become high pressure liquid.
Third, the high-pressure liquid refrigerant flows through the tank, filter, into the expansion valve, then the expansion valve to reduce the pressure to atmospheric pressure, the refrigerant boiling point decreased to -26.5 ℃, because the outdoor temperature is higher than its boiling point -26.5 ° C, the refrigerant becomes a low temperature gas. The cryogenic gas flows through the evaporator in contact with the outdoor air, absorbs the temperature of the outdoor air, and then enters the compressor.
Fourth, the compressor compression low temperature and low pressure gas, so the cycle, constantly from the air heat in the condenser heat, the preparation of hot water. And in the condenser cold water inflow, hot water flow out to the insulation tank, hot water tank outlet and pipe connected to the indoor geothermal heating or daily life to provide hot water.
Here it should be noted that the entire cycle, from the compressor - condenser - expansion valve in the pipeline is in high pressure state, and expansion valve - evaporator - compressor in the pipeline is the atmospheric pressure state. So that the refrigerant in the liquid and gaseous conversion between the transfer of heat.
From the air to heat the pump operating principle can be seen, the heat pump made heat = heat pump power to do the heat + absorption of low temperature heat in the air. Because the low temperature heat in the air does not need to consume energy, coupled with the entire system reasonable design makes its energy utilization is much larger than other heating systems. Consumption of electricity was hot water is the same brand of electric water heater to get hot water four times!
And in this system, hot water is not in contact with any electrical components, but also put an end to the possibility of electric shock, high security, super energy-saving, 24 hours a day stable heating, the use of 10-15 years ... ... At present, this set of the above advantages in a "air to heat pump to warm" in the market quickly fire up, by consumers in hot pursuit. Do you want to come?
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