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Can air water heater be used in cloudy days?

Many times we will encounter for several days or even a month on the cloudy days, especially in the southern spring. Some consumers may worry about the air to water heater, and a few days ago met a consumer asked: air can water heater can be used in cloudy? In view of the issue of such a person, the relevant industry technical experts here to tell you to answer.
From the air to the principle of water heater heating, the air can absorb water from the ambient air heat, without sun exposure, it is only affected by the outdoor ambient temperature and water temperature, so even if the cloudy, air to water heater But also as usual hot water, compared to solar water heater is not so good, it is cloudy can not be used. The same as the energy saving and environmental protection of water heaters, even in cloudy days, the air can be used to water heaters, which is the air to water heaters and solar water heaters compared to the most obvious advantages.
Some people will worry, since the impact of ambient temperature and water temperature, then the situation in the low temperature air water heater can not use it?
Here the way to answer, the higher the ambient temperature, COP value is also higher, the more significant energy saving effect. When the outdoor ambient temperature below -5 ℃, the air can still work properly water heater, only its COP value will be slightly decreased. Now a lot of professional production of air manufacturers are committed to research and development to adapt to the cold air in the north cold air to water heaters, a new era as the air to the top ten brands of water heaters is not blowing out of Oh, we Bi Lai air to water heaters in the extreme climate can still Efficient and stable operation.
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