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What are the advantages of air compared to solar energy?

Air to water heaters and solar water heaters are the use of new energy, in today's low-carbon environmental protection of the voice, both have been the strong support of the government and consumers. Air to water heater as a high-tech products, will inevitably usher in the rapid development.
Air to water heaters and solar water heaters than what advantage?
1, power, although the air to water heaters and solar water heaters are using clean energy, and is inexhaustible. But the solar water heater will be subject to weather restrictions, in the rainy weather, can only rely on electricity to heat. The air can not be subject to external restrictions on the water heater, it will not be affected by the weather, in the long run, than the solar water heater power a lot.
2, the installation, the solar water heater volume is relatively large, for the installation of the local area of ​​the requirements are relatively high, are generally installed on the roof. And because of the weather, the installation of the place must be south of the side, sunshine enough. With the development of the city now, tall buildings, and property control, now the installation of solar water heaters has become a problem. Air water heater installation of the selectivity is relatively large, its elegant appearance, can be installed on the balcony above, therefore, more suitable for modern city life.
3, security, in the windy weather, solar water heaters have fallen the danger, but also in the thunder, there may be thunder, or more dangerous. Air can be installed as long as the water heater is relatively stable, is not such a thing happened. At present, air to water heaters is the safest category of water heaters.
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