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Air to heat pump water heater: efficient equal to energy efficiency do

In all the household electrical appliances, we can not avoid the quality of the product, and many of the quality indicators, efficient, energy efficiency, the most consumer concern. So, what is the difference between the two words is not really understand it? This article will read for you.
Consumer awareness of the market, the needs of consumers is the pursuit of business and dealer goals, then consumers need what kind of water heater? We need really healthy, more energy efficient, long and efficient water heater, said efficient, now is a To promote energy conservation, to promote environmental protection era, energy saving and environmental protection lifestyle highly respected, the air to water heaters (heat pump water heater) is because of its energy saving and environmental protection effect is good, become now the concern of the product.
We exemplify the energy saving effect of air: a family of four, the use of electric water heater bath, consume 6 degrees a day electricity, and the use of air to water heaters only need to consume 1.5 kWh.
As a large household appliances in the energy consumption, water heater energy consumption is very powerful, if the water heater to solve energy efficiency problems, its social and economic effects will be very obvious, how can we achieve energy conservation? Must use efficient products , And in the current market there are two kinds of knowledge on the misunderstanding.
The first is the market-oriented misunderstanding, many agents and dealers that energy efficiency is equal to efficient, in fact, this is only half. Energy efficiency ratio is not equal to efficient, air to water heater (heat pump water heater), with all the home appliances is the same, in the course of the use of energy efficiency will inevitably decay, for example: buy a color TV, Is very clear, but after two or three years, the quality of the surface will appear some spots, but did not affect our ratings, and air to water heaters (heat pump water heater), after long-term use, energy efficiency will be reduced. And good air products should be long-term and efficient products, its energy efficiency in a very long time, the decline is also very small.
Dealers should figure out the problem of energy efficiency decay, do not mislead consumers, dealers mislead consumers, will lead to consumers to the air to water heaters (heat pump water heaters) negative views, the impact of air energy market confidence.
The second kind of knowledge of the misunderstanding is the understanding of our consumers misunderstanding that the higher the energy efficiency of the more cost-effective, in fact, this idea is wrong, only the rational allocation of energy efficiency is the most economical. Why is the energy efficiency than the rational allocation? Because, under normal circumstances, the product energy efficiency ratio increases, accompanied by the increase in the cost of Chen goods, and according to China's general public consumption level, only the energy efficiency and cost of rational allocation of products Is suitable for our domestic market consumption level. Of course, some companies on the market today have been able to produce energy-efficient air-to-water heaters (heat pump water heaters) without increasing costs, but this efficiency is usually short-lived, and when it is newly installed, it is really efficient Energy efficiency attenuation of a larger, which violates the air can be the purpose of energy efficiency.
Why do consumers have a high awareness of the errors? Because consumers generally overlooked the energy efficiency of electrical products attenuation problem. For example, we have a user to buy an energy-efficient air to water heaters, energy efficiency is 5.7, in the new equipment, energy efficiency can be achieved, but the use of one year, energy efficiency by 20% or even higher. And the user B bought an energy efficiency ratio of 4.8, but this machine is very stable, the service life of 8-10 years, the average energy efficiency ratio of 4.2. We have seen that the products purchased by A are energy efficient and inefficient. And consumers really need the product should be the latter, the energy efficiency and cost of a reasonable mix of products.
Energy efficiency and decay is the fatal life of ordinary air-conditioning water heater, so consumers and dealers to dialectically to view the relationship between energy efficiency, cost and electricity, energy-efficient products can be long, only energy-efficient plus long, so that he can run long-term, Is the real efficient products, the author's view is air conditioning water heater, must be lifelong and efficient, so that the water heater is really efficient. So the air can (heat pump) companies want to have a breakthrough in the quality of the product, the control of air energy efficiency decay, is a good entry point.
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