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To warm the installation steps

If your answer is no, and your district has no central heating, then you should be prepared to prepare for the family to warm! To warm "warm feet and cool top" heating characteristics in line with the health theory of Chinese medicine, but also Because of its health, environmental protection, mute and other characteristics, has gradually become a home decoration fashion choice. So how is the warmth how to install it step by step?
In general, the installation method to warm the need to install the following major steps:
1, first leveling the ground
Leveling the ground is a prerequisite for the installation of warm, if the ground uneven will not only affect the warm insulation, and even if there are sharp things, but also scratch the warm tube, the ground leveling to the first ground to remove the bumps to ± 10mm Clean and so on to ensure that the ground level, wall, column feet and the ground was 90 degrees at right angles.
2, install the set of water separator, and then connect the supervisor
The sub-catcher will be installed horizontally at the designated position of the drawing, and the manifold will be under the upper catcher spacing 200mm. The center of the catchment is not less than 300mm from the ground. Install the main pipe should be kept 3 degrees, separated by a certain distance from the installation of fixed bracket or out of the card, the installation of insulation after the completion of insulation to do insulation.
3, laying insulation layer, reflective film
In the leveling layer on the laying of insulation layer, seam with adhesive paste firmly in the warm insulation layer on the laying of aluminum foil or sticky layer with a standard grid of composite aluminum foil film, insulation layer to lay the formation. Reflective film paved on the insulation board, must be flat, no wrinkles, and to cover tight, no leakage insulation board or ground phenomenon.
4, laying coil
In strict accordance with the design and construction drawings to lay the warm coil, consistent with the design circuit, pipeline laying and spacing in line with the design, close to the external walls, the windows and the floor and other empty areas such as the heat of the pipeline to be encrypted, and plastic card The nail is fixed to the composite insulation board and the reflective film. In addition, but also on the pipeline for water pressure washing, purging, etc., to ensure that no foreign body in the pipeline.
Check whether the heating pipe to lay the heating tube with or without damage, pipe spacing is in line with the design requirements, the water pressure test, from the water injection valve into the water for hydrostatic test, the test pressure of 1.5 to 2 times the working pressure, but not less than 0.4 Mpa, the pressure within 1 hour pressure drop is not greater than 0.05Mpa, and infiltration is not leaked as qualified.
5, fine stone concrete backfill leveling the ground
Leveling is the last step of the entire family heating project, but also the most time to test the installation of master crafts. The whole room of the horizontal line must be in a height, generally warm works are using cement mortar to smooth the concrete leveling after the ground height difference of not more than 5mm. Laying concrete, in the doorway, aisle, floor drain and other locations must be a good mark to prevent the late construction of improper behavior to destroy the warm pipeline.
Water warm system to bring your warm ground can damage the living environment of parasites and other parasites to prevent the emergence of mold, and can effectively promote the foot blood circulation, thereby improving the body's blood circulation, promote metabolism, cardiovascular disease inhibition; Especially for the elderly and children, for arthritis, the old cold legs of the patients more control effect. And to a certain extent, improve their immune capacity. So that your family becomes comfortable, warm, refreshing, clean, healthy, from this completely bid farewell to the cold ground, accompanied by you will be very comfortable and warm environment, barefoot standing on the warm ground, you get And more than just "free", so that your home really become a romantic place for your romantic.
Environmental protection and energy conservation
Water heating system heating and system of convection heating compared to the energy saving rate of about 20%, such as the use of district temperature control device, energy saving rate of up to 40%. Water is warm in the transmission process of heat loss is small and heat concentrated in the human body to benefit from the height, even if the indoor set temperature than the convection heating mode 2 ~ 5 ℃, but also make people have the same warm feeling. Water to warm the system can be sub-room, household control, adequate energy conservation and operating costs, to avoid unnecessary waste, and will not send any noise, not dust, is a very environmentally friendly energy-saving products. In addition, if the host air source heat pump or ground source heat pump way, compared to the traditional fan coil heating, water to warm the return water temperature is lower, the unit operating efficiency is higher, to achieve two-level energy.
Safe and reliable
Acid and alkali corrosion, high pressure, high temperature, resistant to penetration, no rust, no pipe scaling, the tube to maintain smooth, small friction, to maintain good water quality, non-toxic environmentally friendly products. Long life
Water to warm the life of the pipe for more than 50 years with the building with the life, greatly reducing the radiator running, dropping, leaking and maintenance to the residents to bring trouble.
Nice and generous
After the installation of the entire system, only on the wall to reveal a beautiful thermostat, home life, we can not be placed in the heating and its pipes around the furniture, which not only a considerable number of areas of use is not available, but also to determine the overall Decoration style brings great inconvenience. The use of floor heating room no longer have a radiator and its branch, virtually increased by 2% to 3% of the indoor use area, not only easy to decorate and furniture layout, for the big city a few thousand dollars a square meter of housing prices, is undoubtedly for you to save Tens of thousands of dollars.
Efficient sound insulation
At present, China's floor panels generally use prefabricated panels or cast-in-place board, sound insulation is poor, upstairs walking, it will affect the downstairs, the use of floor heating increased insulation layer, with very good sound insulation, can reduce noise pollution, heating process without any Noise, is conducive to the family's physical and mental health. Warm and comfortable
Water heating system heating principle for the radiation heat, and air conditioning, heating and other forced convection through the hot air heating compared to the air flow of dust is much smaller, reducing the spread of harmful bacteria in the air, the indoor environment is more hygienic clean, indoor air Convection weakened, less water loss, to overcome the traditional radiator heating caused by indoor hot, dry mouth and other discomfort, to avoid the female skin due to dehydration and too dry. Water to warm the system is also the creative use of the human body temperature characteristics, giving the sun when the natural warm feeling, from the foot of care to make you feel more comfortable, the system in line with traditional Chinese medicine theory, The need for human physiology, so that your family is full of warmth. Humanized product design to bring you unprecedented comfort.
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