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Air to water heater 10 ask, you know?

Air to water heater what precautions? To focus on what point? So let us work together to learn it.

01. air to water heater host and tank installed where better?
A: The air can be installed in the balcony of the water heater, the window is the best choice, the advantage is not occupied room space, safe and secure, the entire hot water pipe system will have sufficient hot water; host installed in the ventilation, sunny place better. Bay window or wall, etc., can make the host as much as possible from the air to absorb heat, improve heating efficiency. It is understood that more than 90% of users will choose this kind of installation.

02. How much air can water can be saved? How many people can be used at once?
A: The air can use water heater 220 ~ 240V general power, 850W ~ 1250W or so power, at room temperature, every two hours can produce hot water 160 ~ 200L, for 3 to 6 people use, the daily power consumption of about 2 degrees (cold environment Low temperature, the power consumption will be slightly higher), the day spent about 1 yuan, so 2 to 4 people apply only average monthly electricity costs 20 to 30 yuan. And the general gas costs about 150 yuan, and 200L electric water heater to 2000W, insulation and heating need to consume 15 degrees a day electricity, about 7.5 yuan, the monthly cost of 200 yuan (cold electricity consumption will be higher). Air to water heaters and electric water heaters can save about 70 to 80% per month compared to the cost. Temperature control set to 55 ℃ will automatically shut down, when the start of the use of hot water, there will be cold water into the temperature until the 45 ° C (can be arbitrarily set), the system will automatically start every hour can be generated continuously 45 ~ 55 ℃ hot water 100 to 700 liters (depending on the specific product). After testing, each person shower water temperature to be 42 ℃, 40 to 50 liters of hot water, air (heat pump) water heater can be a one-time continuous to provide more than 3 people shower. But the normal 3 shower time should be 1 hour, so add hot water can be used for more than one person.

03. Can air water heaters drive power all day?
A: The air can water heater although 24 hours through the electricity, but not when the heating is not power, the air to the water temperature to reach a stable temperature when the water automatically turned to insulation, and insulation does not consume electricity, but simply by the water tank Of the heat insulation effect of water heat loss rate becomes very slow. A high-quality water tank insulation effect in 72 hours or more, that means that the burning water in 72 hours can still be used for bathing. Home air to water heaters generally one day working hours in less than 2 hours, plus its energy efficiency up to 400%, its energy efficiency is also highlighted.

04. air to water heater heating fast fast?
A: The air can heat the heating rate according to the difference between the inlet temperature and the outdoor temperature. Each box of water, whether it is 150L or 200L, the annual average heating takes about 70 minutes. Summer water temperature and outdoor temperature is high, heating is very fast, usually 40 minutes to heat; winter water temperature and outdoor temperature are low, heating to be slower, generally takes 90 minutes to complete. So only to do the host power and the size of the water tank reasonable match, to avoid the phenomenon of small horses carts in order to achieve the purpose of rapid heating and energy saving, reflecting the air can save energy and convenient features.

05. When is the best air water heater installed?
A: The best installed before the electrician approach. In order to achieve the best results in the water utility before entering the field, the professional installation of technical staff will be on-site inspection site, develop the best installation solution. To be completed after the completion of water and electricity, in accordance with the pre-established program implementation. 06. Can other home water heater can be converted into air to water heater? A: Yes. Air water heater compared to other water heaters obvious advantages, the transformation of only before the hot water pipe in any one interface and air to water heater hot water outlet can be connected.

07. air to water heater on the water pressure and the floor have special requirements?
A: There is no special requirement for water pressure and floor. Air to water heater water tank is pressurized water tank, as long as the tap water pressure, out of the hot water there is pressure, there is no special requirements on the hydraulic floor.

08. air to water heater on the power cord with or without special requirements?
A: The air can be a significant energy-saving water heater, power and ordinary water heater is relatively small, the general family can use the power cord.

09. Why can the air water heater water temperature control in 60 degrees below?
A: According to the relevant living hot water standards, hot water temperature requirements at 55 ℃ ± 5 ℃. In addition, the formation of scale and temperature is related to the general above 75 ℃ is very easy to produce scale, and once the scale will produce heat on the unit to do a negative impact, that is, the heat is slow, high energy consumption, Air to water heater heat production temperature below 60 ℃ is reasonable.

10. Why can the water to water heaters hot and cold?
A: The pressurized air can water heater water tank will not appear hot and cold water phenomenon, this is because the hot water and cold water is the same tap water non-pressurized water tank will appear hot and cold water, this is Because the cold water pressure changes at any time, so that in a fixed pressure under the hot water pressure, flow, flow rate can not be changed due to the same way with the pressure method can be resolved.
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