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Air to heat pump water heater hot water project encyclopedia knowledge

First, the air can water heater is what?
Air to heat pump water heater, also known as "air source heat pump water heater" "heat pump water heater" "air to water heater" and so on. Air heat pump water heater (air source heat pump water heater) in the heat pump can absorb the low temperature heat in the air, after the compressor compression into high temperature heat, heating water temperature. This water heater (air source heat pump water heater) with high efficiency and energy saving characteristics, the power consumption is the same capacity of electric water heaters 1/4, is the gas water heater 1/3.
Second, the air can water heater principle is what?
Heat pump is essentially a heat lifting device, the role of the heat pump from the surrounding environment to absorb heat, and it passed to the heated object (higher temperature objects), its working principle and the same refrigerator, are in accordance with the reverse Carnot cycle work, the difference is that the working temperature range is not the same. A compressed heat pump device, mainly composed of evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve composed of four parts, by allowing the refrigerant to continue to complete the evaporation (to absorb the heat in the environment) → compression → condensation (release heat) → throttling → And then evaporate the heat cycle process, so that the heat in the environment transferred to the water.
Third, the air can water heater structure and the main components of what?
Air water heater mainly by the compressor, evaporator, condenser, throttle device, insulation tank and other components.
Compressor: The compressor is the heart of a heat pump water heater. Its function and working principle are the same as those of a steam compression refrigeration unit. However, since the heat pump compressor is used throughout the year, the working time is long, the working environment temperature, humidity and Dust situation changes greatly, the condensation temperature is high, the winter evaporation temperature is low, the heat pump hot and cold side of the work temperature difference, operating conditions are bad, so the heat pump water heater has a higher demand for the compressor.
Evaporator: A device that directly absorbs heat from the air. Air to the water heater evaporator all the use of fin-wing structure (ie, copper fins). After the refrigerant is discharged from the throttling device, the temperature is very low (below normal temperature). When passing through the evaporator, the refrigerant absorbs the heat in the air through the brass and fins, and the heat , The refrigerant enters the compressor for the next cycle.
Condenser: The high temperature and high pressure refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor is condensed into liquid refrigerant by heat dissipation. The heat absorbed by the refrigerant from the evaporator is absorbed by the medium (atmosphere) around the condenser. Mainly divided into three categories: the volume of water directly to the volume of the condenser condenser; all of the water for the cycle of heating the circulating heating condenser; one of the water temperature will be heated to set the temperature, and then transported to Insulation tank of the direct thermal condenser (equipped with fixed temperature water valve).
Throttle device: throttle device in the heat transfer process plays a significant role. At room temperature and high pressure heat transfer medium flows through the throttle valve, it will become low temperature and low pressure medium, which can be carried out to the external environment heat transfer; throttling device also plays a regulation of refrigerant flow, the establishment of the system of high and low pressure difference important role; The throttling device also has the function of controlling the overheating of the evaporator outlet refrigerant and controlling the level of the evaporator so that the evaporator heat transfer area can be fully utilized while preventing the suction belt from damaging the compressor. The structure of the throttle device can be extremely simple, such as a capillary; it can also be relatively complex, such as a thermostatic expansion valve, an electronic expansion valve and an expander.
Water tank: As with electric water heaters, when the heat pump can not meet the requirements of the use of hot, you must use the heat storage tank to store prefabricated hot water. Therefore, the role of the tank is to store hot water, connected to the water pipe after the first filled with water, start the host after the freon refrigerant through the tank condensate and heat, the heat transferred to the water, the water is gradually heated.
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